Best Android applications for music lovers

It is updated regularly. A very serious competitor for Poweramp and Aimp. Although at the moment there is a beta version available, the player can be used. Recommended for reference.



It is recommended to install all music lovers without fail. The application is used to determine which song is playing at the moment. Let's say you are driving in a car, and you liked the track that is now playing on the radio. We get the smartphone, we launch Shazam, it "listens" to the song for a few seconds and gives the answer - the name of the song and artist. Very comfortably. All "oversized" tracks are stored in a separate list. There is an opportunity to use the application in offline mode - the track will be determined as soon as you connect to the Internet. The application is free.




If you want to listen to a selection of your favorite music, then Yandex.Music is suitable for this business. In the music library Yandex.Music more than 35 million tracks, but not all of them are available for free. For access you need a paid subscription (about $ 3 per month). This, perhaps, is the only disadvantage of the application. Everything else deserves praise only - a selection of music (funny, sad, 2000's, etc.), a huge number of available tracks, a convenient and intuitive interface, the ability to download songs for offline listening. There are tracks in high quality (with a high bitrate). 

Google Play Music


Serious competitor Yandex.Music. A multi-million track database with the option of paid subscription (about $ 5 per month). Unlike Yandex.Music, it can work as a player and play music from the memory of your smartphone. Music is sorted by genre, artist, track title, album. The interface is easy to learn. There is an opportunity to listen to charts and radio stations, however, files in the flac format are not played. A good music base for those who for some reason did not like the application from Yandex.



A highly popular player on the territory of the CIS and just a good application. The first 2 weeks work for free, then a fee is required. Supports all imaginable and unthinkable formats including flac and alac. Also there is a powerful equalizer, the ability to play folders and much more. Required to install, if the main music collection you have in the memory of the smartphone. Against the background of competitors, it stands out because it has a built-in tag editor and supports * .cue files. There are no shortcomings, except for pay, practically. Some users claim, after installing Poweramp, music began to sound different and even better on their smartphone. Will we check?




The most convenient music player has moved from desktop computers to smartphones. The most minimalistic player, but it does not become worse. It is free and has a wide functionality. In addition to supporting all popular music formats, it loses internet radio, integrates with the lock screen and supports skins. The 10-band equalizer allows you to fine-tune the sound, and widgets on the working screen will make the player's control easy and convenient. By the way, the author of the player is a native of the former USSR. Suitable for those who do not like paid applications such as Poweramp.


Phonograph music player 


Another free player worthy of attention. Made by the canons of material design, it is convenient, simple and functional. Has a good rating on Google Play. Built-in tag editor, dynamic interface illumination, customization, own library and the ability to create playlists are all for the user. It is updated regularly. A very serious competitor for Poweramp and Aimp. Although at the moment there is a beta version available, the player can be used. Recommended for reference.



The application is useful to those who are interested not only in the melody, but also in the text. It dynamically loads the lyrics of the song that is currently playing in your player. The application is a button hanging over all windows, which activates the text of the song with a single click.


Compatible with a variety of music players and synchronously on top of them shows words. Quite informative and convenient. It is possible to include a translation of the text, and this is useful to those who are learning a foreign language. Of the minuses - there is a paid version with advanced features, as well as quite a significant load smartphone memory, because it constantly works in the background.